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Joel Reeves

I’ve been training in karate for about thirty-five years now and will never stop. In this time I have made numerous extended trips to Okinawa and Japan where I am a private student to Higa Kiyohiko, Head of the Bugeikan dojo in Shuri.

My training here has focussed on preserving two distinct karate styles; Tachimura-ha Syuri-ti and the karate of Hanashiro Chomo. In addition to these I practise bo-jutsu and have extensively researched the longevity exercises of Okinawa.

Professionally I work as a shiatsu therapist specialising in the natural treatment of back pain, insomnia and stress-related illness. 

In 2015 I published my first book ‘The Karate-ka – A search for the old to understand the new’, which is available on Amazon or through most high-street bookstores. In this I document my first twenty years of training, traveling to Japan and eventually Okinawa, exploring the origins of the art under several teachers along the way.

From 2005-2009 I played a key role in the Shiatsu Regulatory Process working to elevate the professional profile of the discipline in the UK.

As a guest, I have spoken about karate on Okinawan radio and featured in several newspaper and magazine articles there. Between 2014 and 2018 I collaborated demonstrations of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo from various teachers and styles on behalf of the annual London Okinawa Day Cultural Festival.

In 2016, along with Okinawan dance teacher, Minami Gima, I performed Kajadefu, a classical piece once used to officiate the opening royal ceremonies in Okinawa.

Recognised by the All Okinawa Karate & Kobujutsu Association of Okinawa as 5th dan, in 2017 I was awarded the title of Kancho from my sensei Higa Kiyohiko.

Currently living in central Portugal I am restoring an old mountain farm that I intend to open as a retreat dojo for visitors in the near future. 

Thank you for visiting,
Joel Reeves