Junbi Undo – Preparatory exercises

THE SECRET DOJO: DAY 3 – Preparatory Exercise

I remembered this short yoga based stretch routine I adapted years ago. It’s perfect if you’re limited for space but want something to diversify your home practise. The original inspiration came way back when, training with Hirokazu Kanazawa of Shotokan. 

Kanazawa sensei was an avid practitioner of Tai-Chi. During my time in Tokyo in the mid 90’s I became the private student of Shigeru Sawada; Coach to the Japanese kumite team. He too vouched for Tai Chi and on his recommendation I began to study from a student of Yang Ming-Shi, Kanazawa’s teacher. 

I digress. This short sequence is an adaptation of the one introduced to me blended with yogic principles. Consider this a first stage – I’ve expanded it over the years to include other sequences which I can film another time if there’s interest.

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  1. It is quite similar to ba duan chin mixed in with warrior yoga I also see elements from Dragon qi going.
    But it’s all linked to th body mechanics of joints, muscles and so on.

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