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In response to the recent restrictions on training caused by the Coronavirus I’m offering a full tutorial workshop in Ti-nu-Mutu, a unique breath work exercise from Okinawa that nourishes the internal organs, releases fatigue in the joints and strengthens the immune system.

This event will launch on Sunday March 22nd and will be live for a limited period only.

To register for a free place please use the contact form below.

Benefits of Ti-nu-Mutu

  • Corrects postural imbalances in the back
  • Restores broken power-lines in the body
  • Opens the lungs and improves respiration
  • Tones the nerves
  • Releases fatigue from the joints
  • Calms the mind
  • Nourishes the internal organs
  • Strengthens the immune system

Furthermore, once learnt, it takes less than 5 minutes to complete and requires approximately 1.5m area.

About Ti-nu-Mutu

Ti-nu-Mutu is a breath work exercise from Okinawa that nourishes the internal organs, releases fatigue in the joints and strengthens the immune system.

It was formulated by the late Uehara Seikichi, an influential senior of the Okinawan karate world during the late twentieth century. It is based upon his study of Shuri-ti Sanchin kata.

Uehara sensei lived to 100 and practised this form everyday. He was an advocate of the health nourishing aspects of martial training and expressed his concerns for our current generation in one of his last interviews.

“It bothers me that recently many masters of karate die young. This is very different from the past. I believe there are errors in their training, it does not permit them to remain physically healthy. Their daily training tenses the body and legs and consequently they develop arthritis and other problems.

In the old days training was different. We used to stretch our backs, raise our shoulders, stretch up with the arms and then downwards expelling the air. Natural breathing is very important for correctly training in martial arts.”

Today Ti-nu-Mutu is preserved at the Bugeikan in Shuri, Okinawa, where it is taught to new members in preparation for advanced martial arts practise.

Online Training

Taking approximately 45-minutes to complete, this online workshop is presented in a detailed and easy to follow manner designed to guide a complete beginner to a level of confidence to practise alone. I am filming this at my farm in Portugal, it won’t be a studio quality production but It will be well presented and utilises my five-stage learning process.

Once completed, attendees will have access to a ‘follow along’ video and a Facebook Live ‘corrections & adjustments’ session. 

This event is open to everyone, requires no former experience and is free to join. You can share it to your dojo members.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a ‘follow along’ kata video or intense ‘calisthenics workout’ but a detailed explanation of the techniques and principles of Ti-nu-Mutu. 

Ti-nu-Mutu is a kiko or ‘breath work’ sequence that utilises three distinct breathing methods and internal techniques ideal for all martial artists and restores broken power lines in the body.

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