Karate-cal Thinking

“Never mind what you ‘think’ darling, I am telling you!”

Critical thinking is the ability to think clearly and rationally, understanding the logical connection between ideas. It’s about about being an active learner rather than a passive recipient of information.

There are countless times in my childhood when I would question what teachers were saying – not to disrupt or derail the class but because it was none-sensical to my experiences at the time. 

For example…

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Seiri Undo: Realignment exercises of karate

THE SECRET DOJO: DAY 3 – Body realignment exercises

This short set of seiri-undo exercises is perfect for a post workout warm-down.

When training at the Bugeikan in Okinawa there is a distinct emphasis on nurturing good health. In shiatsu too we assess an individual’s current level of wellbeing by observing their natural suppleness in the muscles and joints.

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Sogo – Preparing the Dojo


In the remote mountain village where I live there are many ruins. Some are abandoned, most have lost their roofs. Nature reclaims them all. 

Whilst scouting for a quiet spot to film content for a couple of junior trainees back in London I found this secluded walled garden. Venturing beyond a pair of rusting gates overgrown with grapevine I could immediately see the potential. It’s a perfect space for building a small dojo.

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Free online workshop for martial artists

In response to the recent restrictions on training caused by the Coronavirus I’m offering a full tutorial workshop in Ti-nu-Mutu, a unique breath work exercise from Okinawa that nourishes the internal organs, releases fatigue in the joints and strengthens the immune system.

This event will launch on Sunday March 22nd and will be live for a limited period only.

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“Sometimes I practise karate like dancing Hamachidori”

Martial arts and dance are the same | Article by Higa Kiyohiko, 10th dan

I believe I was about a 2nd grader in an elementary school when I took my first lesson from my father [Seitoku Higa, Chairperson All Okinawa Karate Kobudo Federation]. At that time, along with working for the government, my father taught karate in a village square; however, it didn’t even come to my young mind to think of what training he had been through or what kind of bujin [martial artist] my father was.  I didn’t realise how splendid a bujin he was until I was in high school and my father taught us Yamane ryu bojutsu.

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“Karate begins and ends with Gratitude”

Mokuso and zazen are not the same

Very often we hear the phrase “karate-dō begins and ends with curtesy”, which, in the West, has largely come to mean ‘start and finish with a bow’. But I’d like to pass on something that my teacher Higa Kiyohiko impressed upon me which I feel goes far beyond simply ‘paying respect, for respects sake’. It’s this, “At the Bugeikan, training begins and ends with gratitude.”

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