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Meotode & Tachugwa: Posturing in martial arts

A topic that has been recurring this week is the use of meotode and tachugwa.

Meotode refers to the concept of a mutually supportive partnership of the hands. The lead arm is held forward with the rear hand connected or hovering at the elbow. The move appears in Naihanchi, but also in many Shorin kata. It has a striking semblance to the old ‘Queensbury rules’ boxing pose.

In Shuri-te It’s a concept; a very practical way of using the hands. Continue reading

Advice on restoring damaged knees from karate training

One of the most common complaints from those who have practiced karate for a long time is that they have damaged or painful knees. The secret to restoring damaged knees is simple: Stretch, Pressure and Movement.

Understanding and putting that gem of wisdom into practise will require a fuller explanation, hence this article. The attached video shows some light exercises to work with but it probably won’t make much sense on it’s own either. Continue reading

Mokuso: “Karate begins and ends with gratitude”

Very often we hear the phrase “karate-do begins and ends with courtesy”, which, in the West, has largely come to mean ‘start and finish with a bow’. But I’d like to pass on something that my teacher Higa Kiyohiko impressed upon me, which I feel goes far beyond simply ‘paying respect, for respects’ sake’. It’s this, “At the Bugeikan, training begins and ends with gratitude.” Continue reading