Tachimura-ha Syuri-ti

Tachimura Syuri-ti is an archaic Okinawan style teaching advanced principles of combat.

Oral traditions describe Tachimura’s fighting style as being fluid, fast and powerful, well suited to defending against multiple opponents and reflective of an older time.

Bushi Tachimura was a late nineteenth century official of the Royal Court and former student of Kanga Sakugawa who served as a bodyguard to the king and is largely regraded as the originator of ‘karate’ on Okinawa.

The style offers a unique insight into the Chinese Boxing / Ti hybrid approach to martial arts emerging in the mid 1800’s. The techniques are suited to close range group combat, incorporating strikes, kicks, locks and throws in addition to weapon disarming methods and spear techniques.

There are four core kata taught, each building upon the techniques and strategies of the previous one. Tachimura Naihanchi builds a strong frame for the style and basic principles, Nidanbu goes further to unlock and liberate the footwork with Kusanku and Passai bringing more insights into the styles fighting approach.

  • Naihanchi
  • Nidan bu
  • Passai
  • Kusanku

In addition to these kata students are also encouraged to learn:

  • Syuri-ti Sanchin
  • Sanpabu
  • Ryufa

Instruction in Tachimura-ha Syuri-ti is reserved for for those with a solid grounding in martial arts at black-belt level and above.

Table 0.2 Tachimura-ha Syuri-ti lineage: