“Preserving the Fighting Arts of Okinawa for future generations.

I teach three Okinawan styles, each has their own distinct features and are usually introduced to trainees depending on their current level of experience. In a nutshell Hanashiro type karate is first taught to children and complete beginners up to nidan / sandan level with the older Tachimura-ha karate reserved for those yudansha level.

Yamane Ryu, one of the oldest bojutsu styles from Okinawa, is available to all levels.

My training in these styles is direct from Higa Kiyohiko, 10th Dan of the Bugeikan in Shuri, Okinawa, who holds menkyo-kaiden or ‘successor certificates’ in each of these traditions.  In 2016 Mr Higa wrote an introduction for my karate demonstration at the Okinawa Day cultural festival that year; a translation of which was read by the great-grandson of the famous karate master Arakaki Seisho, here. Higa sensei has since expressed the desire that I continue to teach the three styles un-altered for the benefit of future generations and this is my intention.