I began my journey in karate over thirty years ago having lived and trained extensively in Japan and Okinawa; the birthplace of karate. I am the uchi-deshi (inner-student) of Higa Kiyohiko of the Bugeikan in Shuri and have spent many years extensively absorbing and documenting the techniques he has taught me.

My ambition is not only to have competence in what my teacher shares with me but to preserve these methods as distinct cultural arts of Okinawa for future generations.

In addition to karate I am a professional Shiatsu Therapist specialising in the natural treatment of back pain, postural complaints and martial art injuries. My teaching style reflects this through blending a health conscious approach with the old style karate training for the benefit of everyone attending.

For the past seven years I have played an active role in the annual Okinawa Day cultural celebrations held in London where visitors are able to experience the uniques aspects of Okinawa and Ryukyuan culture through music, dance and martial arts. In 2016 I formed the UK Okinawan Karate & Kobudo Kenkyukai as a forum for teachers in the UK to come together and raise the profile of Okinawan martial arts in the UK.

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Kind regards,

J Reeves
5th dan, Bugelkan OKINAWA