Training opportunities for 2018. One of my personal goals for next year is to host a training seminar in 6 European cities in addition to domestic workshops here in the UK.

My intention is to introduce the fundamental principles of Hanashiro Chomo Syuri-ti karate, including footwork, striking and kata bunkai. I have allocated time in my diary for these events to take place and listed the intended host city.

Dates will be refined as interest builds in respective areas. I warmly welcome interest from any groups interested in coming together to train at these events or dojo’s interested in collaborating to host one.¬†All events are subject to sufficient uptake and, unless stated otherwise, are open to all levels.



February: Hanashiro Chomo Karate SWEDEN


April: Hanashiro Chomo Karate Warsaw, POLAND

May: 5 Day Wild Camp Gashuku Pyrenees, FRANCE

June: Hanashiro Chomo Karate: ITALY

July: Hanashiro Chomo Karate: London, UK

August: – OKINAWA


October: Hanashiro Chomo Karate: Madrid, SPAIN

November: Hanashiro Chomo Karate: Berlin, GERMANY