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Okinawan Kobudo Styles

This list of Okinawan Kobudo styles comprises of dojos that were founded in the Ryukyu’s. It does not include branch systems and styles formulated outside of Okinawa.

Just like karate, Okinawan kobudo styles didn’t strictly emerge on the island until the wake of WWII. Prior to this period a number of ‘family traditions’ existed, though they most likely weren’t labeled as such until more recent times. Continue reading

Okinawan Karate Styles

Here is a list of traditional Okinawan karate styles and their respective founders. This list represents styles founded on Okinawa but not their branch organisations formed in other countries.

The list is organised by Style name, Founder and Root. As Japanese kanji can have several phonetic interpretations I have included the kanji for each respective group as well as the name of their Founders to assist with domestic research. Continue reading

By way of an introduction

SippingTi is a blog about the Okinawan fighting art of Ti [手], also known as ‘Okinawa-te‘ [沖縄手], ‘UchinaDi’ [うちな手] and ‘Udundi’ [御殿手], but more appropriately understood as ‘Ryukyu Bujutsu‘ [琉球武術]; the ‘classical martial arts of Okinawa’.

Ti, literally ‘hand‘, is the oldest of Okinawa’s three branches of martial arts; the others being karate [空手] and kobudo [古武道]. Whereas karate and kobudo evolved on the islands during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, records show that Ti’s development antedates their emergence by at least 400 years. Oral tradition extends this period further to approximately AD650. Continue reading