Sipping Ti is a blog about Okinawa, the martial arts and health. It originally started as a means for trainees to follow my adventures on the island whilst studying the little known fighting art of Ti.

Today it’s a place where I post articles and insights about Ryukyuan Bujutsu in a more general sense.

Influences come from Higa Kiyhohiko, 10th dan of the Bugeikan in Shuri as well as my guiding mentor and friend Mark Bishop (author of Okinawan Karate, Teachers, Styles & Secret Techniques) and several former students of the late Uehara Seikichi (Founder of Motobu ryu Udundi).

My experiences training with these teachers, and others over the past thirty years, is the subject of my first book The Karate-ka: A search for the old to understand the new, which is available online and via all good bookstores.

Currently living in London, I work as a Shiatsu Therapist specialising in the natural treatment of injuries, back pain and stress related illness. I welcome contact from others with a shared interest in martial arts.

Wishing peace and good health to all,

Joel Reeves