How to teach children anything

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks visiting several schools whilst setting up new karate classes for January. For much of this period Katarina has shadowed me in preparation before starting classes in her own area. In a way this has brought challenges because it’s made me take a step back and explain ‘why’ I do things the way I do. Having to explain logically, the things I do instinctively.

Everything has a reason and a purpose.  Continue reading “How to teach children anything”

Be Happy.

When children have joy they don’t need to be taught “be good to others”, they’ll do it naturally because that is the highest expression of the human condition.

On the recent 3-day karate camp the children learnt so many things, but mostly they learnt about the structure of why we train the way we do. Continue reading “Be Happy.”

Passai Kata: Being Response-able

Came across this lovely translation of a chapter from an old Xingyiquan book earlier (link below). Mostly written in the first person, the part about ‘night fighting’ particularly interested me because lately our training in Tachimura-ha has focussed on Passai kata, which contains various techniques and strategies for developing ‘night fighting’ skill. Of course really it’s not ‘techniques for fighting in the dark’ but rather heightened ‘response-ability’ that is being improved. Continue reading “Passai Kata: Being Response-able”