My name is Joel. I teach karate and shiatsu therapy. 

Historically martial practises on Okinawa were colloquially referred to as Ti, meaning ‘hand/martial arts’. SippingTi is a pun culturally playing on the manner in which martial arts and drinking tea are best practised; a good tea is sipped slowly, and the same is true of learning martial arts.

Over the past thirty years I’ve lived and trained in Europe, Japan and Okinawa, seeking private instruction from sensei who resonated with this idea of karate as a life art for health and defence. 

Through this blog I share my insights along the Way writing about martial arts, history, Okinawan health practises and generally making sense of the world through the lens of my life experiences. Originally from the UK today I live in Portugal, restoring an old mountain farmstead and it’s surrounding environment with a view to offering retreat training experiences in a natural setting.

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