Okinawa Ti not only teaches how to strike and kick; it is also a defence against sickness and disease.

"Ti is the oldest of Okinawa’s three branches of martial arts. The others are karate and kobudo.

At a casual glance, it can be mistakenly thought that there is no real technique involved, but on engagement any man, whatever his size, can be overpowered. That is to say, it is such an uncanny martial art that it is possible, by utilising the martial strength in the hands, to achieve a submissive state without causing bodily injury to an opponent."

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Pressure points used in Okinawan karate and Ryukyu Bujutsu. Joel Reeves recounts training with Mark Bishop

Self defence Okinawa style

“Street fighters attack with the head, teeth and knees so the primary defence in Ti is to protect the eyes, ears and groin.” France 2008. It’s a brisk winter morning and I’m down on one knee recovering from the intense pressure point massage my face just received as a result of Marks swift defence. Moments earlier I’d swung a stick at…